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Expand your pop culture global knowledge. Find out what is hip and happening, in other countries, by introducing something new and exciting into your life. New beats, amazing art, and understanding awaits…

Love your indigenous music? This site offers many great links to amazing bands and festivals.

Picture 72

(Credit -Image

Love J-Pop, K-Pop and C-Pop? Check out the SBS Pop Asia site.

Picture 70

(Credit – image SBS Pop Asia

Fancy a wrestle with a Lucha Libre in Mexico City? Or do you prefer to listen to a traditional Mariachi? Read about some aspects of Mexican popular culture here.

Picture 73

(Credit – Image by Sofia Houghton

Keen to know more about Manga and Anime? Visit this wonderful site to become an expert on all of the characters- while brushing up on your Japanese phrases. It is free to use.

Picture 75

(Credit -Image from


Random facts and fun stuff about Germany at Germany Pop Culture 101.

How to understand German pop-culture, through representation of stereotypes from American and Japanese popular culture.

This youtube clip explains it all –  Ist Deutsch. Ist gut!!!

Love Nepal? Check out the amazing contemporary work of artist Gonkar Gyatso, now based in London.

.Picture 74

(Credit – Artist Gonkar Gyatso, exhibited at Red Gallery London, UK)

So you’ve heard about U2 and perhaps Sinead O’connor? If you really want to find out more about Irish Pop music, than Ireland 101 may just be the place that you are looking for.

Picture 78

(Credit – Image portion Ireland 101

“It began in Africa ca ca ca” or so sung the Chemical Brothers. Listen to music from amazing artists representing nineteen African countries from Angola to Togo.

Picture 77

(Credit – Image portion Akwaabamusic

Jump the ditch to find out the names of so many other popular movies, apart from Lord of the Rings, that were made in New Zealand.

It is all here at

Picture 76

(Credit – Image Lord of the Rings : New Line Cinema)


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