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Just starting out into the world of classroom integration of Popular Culture? Or have you been at it for a while but could do with a just a touch of inspiration? Be inspired by the teachers and librarians already in the know. If you are anything at all like me, you may prefer to learn from a real life working model.  The most important resources in education are THE TEACHERS! Click on an image to read more about each persons approach to Pop Culture Pedagogy.

Tim Weedon specializes in teaching Hip-Hop at the Modern Soul Academy in Sweden. His aim is to provide young people with the skills to engage with the music industry.

Picture 65

(Credit – Image Tim Weedon “Exploring Popular Culture in Education”)


Rachel Schnider is from the university of Texas at Austin. She has designed a course exploring women’s popular genres through the topic of Love and Friendship.

Picture 66

(Credit – Image Rachel Schnider University of Texas, Austin)


Leanne Morgan teaches about Popular Culture in Australia from 1945 to the present as part of her History program.

Leanne’s Pinterest board located at

Picture 67

(Credit – Image Leanne Morgan


Gaeton Pappalardo uses Pop Culture to inspire younger students to write on subjects they like, even Transformers!

Picture 68(Credit – Image Gaeton Pappalardo Edutopia


Mary Jane Shuker shows how young writers use their knowledge of popular culture in their creative writing in New Zealand .

Picture 69

(Credit – Image Mary Jane Shuker


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